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Sony A7R3 | iPhone 12 Pro



Directed by the color pattern

Thoughts from Beginning:


Previously, I focus on a wide range of photography types including portrait, landscape and architecture. Before this semester began, I was thinking of solely doing the professional Photo Book in the traditional format during senior year in University of Rochester. Yet the Covid-19 situation has interrupt the schedule of my work production process. So instead, other medias such as art installation and cinematographer,I would use them to serve my subject matter, content, and purposes of the project based on the concept “Conflict” and try to visualize the condition of “UnStable

This semester might be the most weird semesters I have ever experienced in my college life because of the remote course study experience. However, I do have more opportunities & courage to step out the studio space and jump out of my comfort zone, so that I can have more inspiration directly come into my mind while traveling too.


Brief Ideas:


My recent work is doing the experiments of combing fascinating aspects of street photography (traditional photography book) ,like the current slide of my previous photo project(One day in Boston, Let the story Begin & End.)They are presenting pretty well in the traditional format. Yet for now, I would  tie together with new tech way of art installation(the kind of freedom, openness and unlimited curiosity).


The goal of current project would mainly focus on enhance how the audience may examine the artworks solely as pictures.  Similar to Live Photo in iPhone, the audience may feel about the motioned moments of pictures. Together by creating a boundless concept of presenting my work: the head projector posting the film clips together with photo-book can bring audience Multi-sensory experience, presenting the picture with a glamorous way.


3D architectural rendering of art installation

The continuation of project:

During this special period, I notice that information would emerge overwhelmingly into our sights. It’s hard to do something related with the ordinary photography production since it requires people’s interaction and direct work in the reality. So the problem of showing the current version of project wouldn’t be persuasive and detailed enough to show the behind understanding. Indeed, I have to step back, in the audience and peer review’s aspect, considering how they would perceive and acknowledge the work status.

Also, the Covid-19 may prevent us from meeting in a same place in reality. Although the site for art installation is hard to find during the Covid period, I tried to use 3D Modeling the actual site as detailed as possible.So instead, In the next semester, I should use a mock to see the arrangement of artworks setting, lighting setting and together the installation itself. So that in 2021, it would deliver the right information towards others and find out the obstacles & shortages that might happen in the installation in reality.

More Documentation of works:

Slide 5.jpg
Slide 2.jpg

To Be Continued...